EU project partnership: NanoSolutions


The NanoSolutions aimed to develop a safety classification tool for engineered nanomaterials (ENM) based on an understanding of their interactions with living organisms at molecular, cellular and organism levels.


Involved from the proposal stage, our role was to devise, manage and implement effective strategic communications for the NANOSOLUTIONS project that helped it meet its overall aims and objectives to develop a safety classification tool for ENM to be used across industry.

Our Work In Detail

Insight’s communication strategy was devised to enable the project to play an active role in helping to shape EU policy by providing well-structured information on the safety classification of ENMs. Social awareness of the issues being addressed were assured through structured communications, while we promoted fruitful collaboration with complimentary projects and standards bodies through events, webinars and other dissemination channels.

The dissemination and communication work package we devised provided an effective promotion of achievements among the interested target audiences as well as raised the visibility of the project and its successful results at a regional, national, European and global scale.

To do this, we used conventional as well as innovative communication mechanisms, and also employed various carefully-focused groups to keep us on the right track.

Defining clear channels of communications between the project partners themselves as well as with wider, targeted, communities was also crucial in the success of this project and a number of the results have gone on to play a big part in ensuring new products using nanomaterials are as safe as they can be.

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