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Celebrating the best of European research

Projects Magazine has been covering research from across Europe for over 11 years. As one of the original publications focused on the dissemination of research, it has built up a wide readership based upon its ability to attract outstanding academics to feature as well as EU commissioners and other institutional leaders.

Celebrating the best of European research
Authoritative scientific journalism
Authoritative scientific journalism

Our experienced team of writers have honed the craft of turning complex science into exciting content that can be understood by both a technical and non-technical audience. We will help present your research in the way you want it to be seen and help you create greater impact.

Targeted distribution and expert design

Projects Magazine is distributed to a diverse audience from across 32 European countries through partnering large European conferences, targeted press releasing and free subscription to all. Our expert graphic designers are experienced in creating visuals that help to clearly explain complex ideas and provide projects with tangible forms of dissemination.

Targeted distribution and expert design

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