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A special edition highlighting EU efforts to transform European process and manufacturing industries

A special publication focusing on EU efforts to transform European process and manufacturing industries by improving their efficiency and competitiveness through digitisation and the power of data.

Insight Media is planning a special edition of its widely-read publication Projects Magazine. The publication provides insight and analysis across a number of R&D and economic sectors and provides research organisations and projects with the opportunity to disseminate their results to carefully targeted and relevant audiences.

The special publication will showcase leading European projects that are working to tackle this challenge in different ways, but each creating digital technologies that will enable the realisation of futuristic cognitive factories and all now implementing this technology at pilot scale for testing.

Insight Media, is a partner in the EU funded HyperCOG project and, as such is also working with a cluster of other projects funded under the SPIRE 2030 call “Digital technologies for improved performance in cognitive production plants”, as well as ENGINE, the EuropeaN diGital Innovation Network, an initiative aiming to maximise the impact of European R&D projects working in the domain of digitalisation of products and processes, towards more innovative, greener, and resilient EU Industries.

Through these connections experience in this sector, Insight is producing a special edition of Projects Magazine. The publication will provide a platform for the dissemination of research developments by leading EU funded projects. These projects will have the opportunity to update a receptive sector on the potential of their work following a period of time when opportunities for mass dissemination through workshops, conferences and other events has been severely curtailed.

This material will be supported by insight and comment from key players in this sector on how we best achieve a sustainable, profitable and efficient industrial future. We operate in an ever-more competitive global market, also dealing with shortages of raw materials, increasing energy prices and environmental constraints, so how we address these challenges is vital to Europe’s industrial future.

By highlighting technical and technological advances alongside a focus on policy, investment and collaboration, the Projects Magazine hopes to provide an invaluable insight into where we are now, what we can achieve and, importantly, how we can insure we are able to deliver on that potential.

The publication will become a valuable repository of information and knowledge about the direction Europe needs to take to help maximise the potential of the digital transformation of the process industries.

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