EU project partnership: iNSPiRE


iNSPiRe aims to tackle the problem of high-energy consumption in buildings by producing systemic renovation packages for buildings.


Insight coordinated the dissemination, training and social awareness work package for this €30million project.

Our Work In Detail

Insight was involved in this very large project, involving 24 European partners with a €30million budget from the proposal stage. We helped to define a complex communication and dissemination strategy to explain project aims, objectives and results. We also focused on training materials and promoting public awareness of the need for increased energy efficiency of all buildings, new or old.

As such, much of the work involved developing material that helped explain complex research and development to a wide audience, using factsheets, infographics, animation and documentary film, as well as creating a clear brand identity for the project and managing a busy website and social media activity.

Work also focused on the development and presentation of a dedicated training manual for industry to be used in the assessment of buildings for particular renovation solutions as well as information about specific iNSPiRe solutions that would support energy-saving impacts. This material was backed up by an online tool developed to display the energy performance of thousands of building types across Europe and these are still available online, free to use for research and industry alike.

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