EU project partnership: Bioways


The Bioways project aimed to promote the huge potential of bio-based research results and raising public awareness of bio-based products, using a variety of communication techniques and public engagement activities and by developing educational materials.


Insight coordinated the project and provided expertise for communication and dissemination strategies and the development of the BioWatch platform.

Aside from coordinating the project, looking after the general management of the workload and managing the reporting to the EU, Insight took part in all the research elements of Bioways and helped to perfect all communications activities, most notably the development of the project animation film and all the public deliverables.

Another key role for Insight in the project was the development of BioWatch, an interactive online platform that provides projects in the bioeconomy sector with a free service to position themselves alongside one another and provide direct access to industry, political stakeholders, the media and the general public. BioWatch can be described as an e-library for bio-based research and projects. Each project will have a SEED, which is a multi-media digital brochure. It displays information about your project in an accessible and engaging format.

It will contain similar information to your own project website, but will also offer a stronger level of engagement with your audience that cannot be achieved by a website alone. BioWatch is currently being redeveloped and improved for a re-launch with a host of new features in the near future. Watch this space.

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