HyperCOG – our latest EU project partnership

Insight Media is participating as project partner and work package leader in the EU-funded HyperCOG project, which aims to drive the creation of next-generation factories through the use of cyber-physical systems and data analytics.

Efficient, digitised factories can help create growth and jobs in the EU, and position companies well in the race for global competitiveness and sustainability. The HyperCOG project aims to show that cyber-physical systems and data analytics can be used to drive this transformation within the European process industry.

Cyber-physical systems control and monitor physical processes using computer-based algorithms to provide useful information to operators. The cyber-physical system architecture being developed by HyperCOG will attempt to realise the concept of cognitive manufacturing, combining cognitive computing techniques (such as artificial intelligence), the Industrial Internet of Things, and advanced data analytics to optimise manufacturing processes in ways that were not previously possible.

HyperCOG will show the potential of these technologies and will evaluate their replicability and transferability to different industrial sectors. The project will demonstrate how data technologies embedded in a cyber-physical platform can streamline processes, achieve a step gain in efficiency, sustainability and resource utilisation, and act as a basis for the provision of new services.

Our role is to promote the project and its results through a series of targeted communications, including all digital output, social media activity, print materials, video output and event management. We ensure that information from the project reaches the right people at the right time by developing a bespoke network of target audiences, making full use of our database of contacts we have established after more than 10 years working in this sector.

We are also responsible for the exploitation strategy and are working with all partners to identify the key exploitable results that are emerging from the ongoing work and ensuring the best route to commercial exploitation is available by the end of the project.

Find out more about HyperCOG here

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