EU project partnership: HyperCOG


The HyperCOG project is an EU project that is demonstrating the potential of cyber-physical systems and data analytics to transform the process industry.


Insight has been part of the HyperCOG project from the proposal stage, leading the dissemination and exploitation work package in this €7million project.

Our Work In Detail

Insight has been involved in HyperCOG since the proposal stage, devising a bespoke dissemination and exploitation work package to help the project meet its ambitious aims and ensure a sound business plan is developed and the technology is eventually adopted by the process industries and many more manufacturing facilities in the future.

We have managed, delivered and coordinated all dissemination activities to ensure project results are fully exploited amongst the target audience and relevant stakeholders, including industry, the public sector and policy makers, academia, the media and the general public.

After creating the project’s brand identity and building significant product awareness through the project website and effective communication activities, such as workshops, online webinars and video, we are working with all partners in exploitation planning and providing activities to maximise impact.

Following the environmental, economic and societal assessments, we have tailored all communication and exploitation planning in line with the business model and the defined target audiences.

Insight has worked in the industrial sector, across the process industries, ICT and energy sectors with many projects and has connections with all actors in the sector, enabling communication between all, from the individual to whole systems.

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