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We are thrilled to present our latest animation for our EU partnership HyperCOG, which is developing cyber-physical systems for the factories of the future


We are pleased to present our latest animation for the HyperCOG project, an EU-funded project in which we are the dissemination partners.

HyperCOG is developing a cyber-physical system and data analysis tools to be used in process and manufacturing industries. Our role is to deliver dissemination, communication and exploitation strategies to ensure the project’s innovative new technology is picked up by relevant industries. This work involves developing and delivering a whole suite of communications activities as well as coordinating the exploitation strategy that will deliver the results to industry.

HyperCOG’s cognitive platform will have the potential to transform industrial processes by improving efficiency and competitiveness using the power of the internet and big data. A cyber-physical system links the physical machinery now used in process industries to digital analysis and monitoring tools that support automated decision making along the whole manufacturing process and optimises production to make factories more efficient.

HyperCOG’s progress towards meeting its five main objectives is more or less on track despite the project having to operate within the constraints of the most severe COVID-19 restrictions almost since it kicked off at the end of 2019. While these restrictions have delayed some of the work that was planned to take place on site at the three use cases in Spain, Turkey and France, partners working on the technical developments in the lab have made significant progress. As Europe emerges from lockdowns and travel restrictions, most of the development phase is near completion and HyperCOG partners are hopeful that the technology can be prepared for its integration and testing phases.

Find out more about the HyperCOG project.

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