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Stories are how we understand ourselves, and how we share knowledge and common causes. Video is one of the best mediums for taking the complex and unfamiliar and turning them into something that is absorbing, easy to understand and a pleasure to take in.

At Insight, we pride ourselves on taking a structured but flexible approach to every video we make. Everything begins with the story, and this story begins to take shape when we find out
everything we can about your work, strategy and goal. We then take this information away and put together a script that distils your message to its very essence. After this, we begin work on a visual script that will show you how the video will unfold. Finally, once this all been brought to life by our skilled team of animators and filmmakers, we add the finishing touches of sound design to bring the whole thing together.

We strive to make films that not only look good but leave a lasting impression on their viewers. With the EC ranking video as the most important form of research dissemination, we can help the message behind your research have the impact it deserves.

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