EU project partnerships

Insight has been the full project partner, coordinator and work package leader in many EU-funded projects in FP7 and Horizon 2020.

From proposal to exploitation

We help with the preparation of the proposal as well as developing a bespoke dissemination, communication and exploitation strategy for each project we partner.

Insight as your project partner

Insight has provided full impact strategies as work package leader on several FP7 and Horizon 2020 projects and has delivered many individual dissemination services to hundreds
more projects. These services include all relevant communications activities like web development, print, video, press releases, newsletters, market research, data management, target audience development, conference and workshop organisation, and bespoke PR and marketing services.

We have also coordinated two projects focused specifically on effective and targeted research dissemination, in line with Horizon 2020 objectives and requirements. As such, we
fully understand all aspects of EU-funded projects and what is needed for their effective management.

As part of our work, we have developed an exhaustive database of relevant contacts and subscribers cutting across several thematic areas of research and in a variety of industries, the public sector, investor institutions and the media. As such, we are able to target communications in a timely way to relevant audiences for each project we work with.

We are also involved in the coordination of full exploitation strategies. This involves managing IP issues, analysing and reporting on the relevant market and devising a business plan to include sales, marketing, logistics and installation, maintenance, KPIs and key aspects in developing a methodology from the relevant perspectives along any supply chain.

This helps projects develop effective roadmaps for market exploitation and industrial penetration.

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With its high success rate, our specialist partnership team will be able to work on your proposal to develop a dissemination and exploitation strategy that will help you win funding.

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Case study: Rehap

EU project partnerships

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