Video: Rehap

15-minute documentary highlighting the technical achievements of the project

Rehap is an EU project that aims to strengthen the European bioeconomy by creating new materials from agricultural and forestry waste. We made a documentary film with interviews filmed at Tecnalia and BBEPP, giving project partners the opportunity to explain the successful developments of products and processes made by the project. This film was designed to promote the overarching technical achievements of the project and was launched online and through social media at the end of the project to generate as much interest as possible for the successful innovations.

We began the shoot at the Bio-based European Pilot Plant (BBEPP) in Ghent, Belgium, where we filmed some of the processes for upscaling to pre-industrial capacity at the impressive facility. Project partners were interviewed at the plant, providing insight into their successful work on developing industry-viable processes for the recovery of tannins, lignin and sugars from agroforestry waste and how this work has been upscaled from lab-scale batch protocols to a continuous process at pilot scale.

Our filming also focused on the work of project partner Biosyncaucho and their work in developing a fermentation and subsequent downstream process protocol for the production of 2,3-BDO. The success of the project here is that Biosyncaucho did not have internal resources and equipment to scale up this process, so BBEPP served as a scale-up partner, offering a wide range of flexible process units on the pilot scale, in combination with their experience in upscaling as a whole.

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