Event Services: EuroNanoForum

Event coverage and executive summary for Europe’s premier nanotechnology and advanced materials science conference


EuroNanoForum is a European networking conference that focuses on nanotechnology and advanced materials science.


To provide full coverage and an executive summary of Europe’s biggest nanotechnology conference.

Our Work In Detail

We partnered EuroNanoForum as a communications partner, helping to generate interest before, during and after the event itself. We were responsible for all forms of communication aimed at targeting all stakeholder groups active in the field of nanotechnology. We were also responsible for producing an executive summary of the event.

The summary provided delegates and a wider audience of stakeholders involved in work relating to EuroNanoForum and nanotechnology in general with an exciting overview of the event, the proceedings, the key note sessions and importantly key and measurable outcomes. It was made available soon after the event to help maintain momentum generated by the event and maximise its impact to a key audience across Europe and on an international level.

Insight developed, produced and published an executive summary for EuroNanoForum 2017. The publication reported directly from the event providing an accurate summary of the debates, presentations and conclusions as well as analysis of the sessions and guides to resolutions passed. The publication also featured reporting from the poster sessions, workshops and key note speeches that included a flavour of EuroNanoForum 2017 success stories.

Finally, the publication included interviews with keynote delegates and speakers for more in-depth analysis of the challenges being addressed by EuroNanoForum 2017 and how the event was delivering success. The executive summary was illustrated with exclusive pictures from the event, while the overall design reflected the strong brand identity that the event has, as well as being lively and engaging for the reader.

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