AAL celebrates 10 years of existence with new legacy brochure

As part of our ongoing work with the Active Assisted Living Programme (AAL), we created a brochure for them to celebrate their legacy after 10 years of supporting innovation designed to ensure people are able to stay active and healthy into older age.

We have worked with AAL since 2011, producing several publications and digital content for the funding programme as well as working on communications content for its annual forum. Based on this long-term relationship and intimate knowledge of the organisation and how itworks, we were well-positioned to develop the new brochure – and bring a fresh approach to how AAL promotes its achievements.

As such, we adopted a modern, highly visual approach that focuses on the people within the demographic that AAL supports. The brochure addresses the challenge being met by AAL, which is illustrated simply with facts and figures. This is followed by demonstrating how AAL has met that challenge, focusing on its approach to technology.

AAL’s legacy is illustrated by what the programme has achieved, its successes and impact, again using simple facts and figures. Finally, the booklet ends on a positive message of what needs to happen now and this is supported by a positive, forward-looking visual. The overall message of the brochure is one of AAL supporting a better quality of life for older adults and how the network they have created is achieving that goal.

The brochure has been used by AAL to promote its achievements and has been well received by the EU when considering its next round of funding. Insight also developed the content and visual styling for the AAL website.

• See the AAL legacy visuals at http://www.aal-europe.eu/our-achievements/
• To view and download the brochure, Click Here

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